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Computer Tune-Up

Computer tune-up is a very convenient way to keep your computer running fast and smooth all the time.

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If you do not have internet access. Please walk into our store located at 143-02 45th Ave Flushing NY 11355 for an in store Computer Tune-Up

Price $89.99

Still have internet access? stay right there and call us at:

718-312-8723 or 718-395-7941 for our remote Computer Tune-Up.

Price $39.99

Data Transfer And Recovery

Data Recovery

E-mail Config

Some times it is easier to just have a e-mail client on your computer that collects all of you e-mails into one location, or if you need help with creating a new e-mail account. Call us and we'd be glad to assist you with that.

  • If existing e-mails have passwords handy

  • Must have an active internet connection

Price $39.99


Software Setup

We can setup any software you need, from entertainment to productivity

In Store price:    Online price:    In-Home or Office
$19.99                $29.99             $79.99

Virus and Spyware Removal

viruses and spyware can get into your computer at anytime from anywhere. Viruses can be detected easier than spyware but are more destructive. Spyware are like bedbugs, they come and bite you but don't kill you.

You can also first try installing an Antivirus with full protection and perform a quick or full scan, it can save you time and money!. Here try this Zone Alarm Extreme Security:









Price $199.99 (Price includes the new hard drive).
Bring your HDD or Computer to our office and we will attempt to transfer your data to a new hard drive.
If you hear a knocking sound inside your computer, something like "tic tic tic", or you computer is running extremely slow, or you want to upgrade to a bigger size hard drive, and want to transfer the information into the new hard drive, we have you covered on that with Data Transfer And  Recovery.

Hardware Installation

In Store price:
In-Home or Office price:

Hardware Repair

Computer repair is like a Sin wave shifted to +5 volts. Well........prices vary and that is why it would be better to have us diagnose your computer before buying any parts.

 Plus the check up if FREE

Got a new device? Need help getting it installed?, Call us now to schedule an appointment or bring everything to us and we'll get it done for you.